How to Use: the Tray

Hi everyone! We're back this week with another new post, but this one is going to be a little different than the past. Today we are featuring one product from Nellie's shop and I am going to give you a couple of great ways to use it! Being that it is almost the middle of November (how?) and with Thanksgiving creeping up on us, I decided I should choose a piece that can be used for all of your entertaining whims. Whether you love turkey, hate it, or only use Thanksgiving as an excuse to eat a ton of pie ice cream, this little tray is perfect. It is small and simple but really does the trick if you are trying to spruce up your dinner table, hors d'oeuvres counter, or even dessert set up. 


 Here she is, complete with a couple of Beer glasses and Nellies cute cocktail napkins that can be monogrammed to your liking!

Here she is, complete with a couple of Beer glasses and Nellies cute cocktail napkins that can be monogrammed to your liking!

Ok so above we have the tray from Nellie's shop, along with a couple of other items that you can also find there. The first idea that Nellie and I had was to use this tray as a condiment server. Say you are having hot dogs or hamburgers for dinner. If you are entertaining, or even if you just want to fancy up your weeknight family dinner, you can pop your condiments into each of the four little bowls and your set! Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, and maybe if you're feeling extra adventurous, even a little sour kraut or mayo in the fourth bowl...

Now our second option is to use this as more of an hors d'oerves platter, something to complete your cheese plate with. All of my favorite restaurants always have a great cheese plate, complete with a little something to pair it with on your cracker of choice. I have a few ideas for what I would personally love in each of these four bowls and I will share them with're welcome.

1. Garlic Mustard (or plain dijon mustard if you prefer) ---This will go best with a nice white or yellow sharp cheddar or any other hard cheese

2. A sweet apple jelly or any other fruit jelly you might like ---This will go best with a Manchego or Gouda cheese, and really adds a sweet flavor to the bite

3. How about a little lemon or lime marmalade? This would go so well with a whole wheat cracker and a Gouda cheese. YUM. 

4. Ok last but definitely not least (or maybe least depending on your taste) we have a plum or fig butter, which you would pair with a rich bleu cheese or something else witha strong flavor. 


Finally, for my sweet toothed friends, we have the wonderful option of using this tray as a desert topping holder. When your Thanksgiving dinner is done and you have unbuttoned the button on your Seven jeans, it is time to roll out the deserts. Ok so we are going to obviously have all of the pies set out but the more important part is the ice cream. And the most important part is what you are going to put on top of your ice cream. Here's where our tray comes in. In each of the four bowls, you can put different types of sprinkles (chocolate or rainbow), hot fudge, oreo crumbles, and maybe something like caramel or even crumbled reeses peanut butter cups. 


So now that I've given you three great ways to use the tray, you should all be running down to Nellie and Bean to scoop one up before we sell out! Ill be back next week with an equally informative post on how to use one of Nellie's picks that you can easily incorporate into your home ;) Be sure to come back next week!